What was New in 2011   What was New in 2010

Christmas 2011    Gas Log Installations

18 Marshall Street Open House

Telephone Retirement Reunion Breakfast

NYC with Linda & Don,  Nov. 6-7, 2011

Austin Anderson meets with President Obama

Ian's Birthday August     Car Trip Back Home Mississippi, TN
Asher's Birthday January     Car Trip Back Home  Georgia , TN.

Astraea at Outer Banks, NC

Romy's Research - a friend of ours doing research in Petersburg, Va.


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Jude's Birthday - 9

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     Astraea's 6th Grade Graduation Video

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Stella (dog) Videos

Concord / Boston - Then and Now

e10c_DSC05197.JPG (210971 bytes)
Eppington Historic House Tour - Chesterfield, Va.

Austin & Meghan's First House

Austin & Meghan's Wedding Book with Video near Completion


Thorn's Visit to Virginia March 2011

Austin & Meghan's Wedding Book with Video   Click Here to View Larger

Walk_Mar-6-2011_3am_8miles_PS0001.jpg (136720 bytes)
Spring morning walk before the hot summer days get here.
Eight miles in 2 hours 35 mins. @ 3am
Started and Finished a the same location (mile post 8)

8c_DSC00026.JPG (100519 bytes)
Trip to Texas for Asher's Birthday - age 10

Macon GA, Nashville TN, Graceland,  Memphis - Sun Studio

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