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Christmas 2008
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Texas Pre-Christmas 2008_slideshow

Thorn-Anderson Gang

Redwood Forest
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Christmas Safari Train - On YouTube
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Astraea's Birthday


Camel Train -Video
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DA in Texas   -   View all Slides

1st Day of School
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Grand Old Summer Time

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Grand Kids 2001-2008

Thorns at San Antonio / Sea World
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Astraea's Home Summer Party
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This & That
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Jude - Summer in Va.
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Jude in D.C.
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Swim Lessons - Video   Diving - Video    Zoo Train - Video     Zoo Jazz Train -Video
Zoo Jazz Train available on DVD and Blu-Ray.  You should see the  video on Blu-Ray as it is outstanding!!!

Texas in March
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Singing in Church Choir - Video  1 min. 51 sec.    The LOUD male voice is Ian !

Flat Stanley goes to Washington, D.C.
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On February 12, 2008, after receiving from Asher Thorn his Flat Stanley in the mail, Grandpa took Stanley with him to vote in the Virginia Primaries.  Only Grandpa was allowed to vote but Flat Stanley got to wear the sticker ‘I Voted’. We then headed up to Washington D.C. to see the sites to get an idea about what it means to vote. Grandpa held up Flat Stanley with one hand and took pictures with the digital camera in the other. Stanley was placed at the fence around the White House and three other people each came by to get a closer look at Stanley and one even stopped and took his picture not knowing Grandpa was off at a distance trying to do the same thing. A security guard wanted to know where Stanley was from and one lady offered to hold him for a picture at the Lincoln Memorial. Grandpa returned Flat Stanley to Asher in the mail with some of the pictures and plans to discuss voting with Asher the next time we get together. Grandpa

Austin's Place - Jan. 2008

Asher's Birthday Outing
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