What was New in 2010

Muppet Design & Creation nyc-fao.jpg (96802 bytes) Short Video 8 mins.  Longer Video 19 mins. 

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New Meaning to 'Trick or Treat'.

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Nan is ready for Olan Mills.   Cooper is a little bit too long and hard to handle.

Just getting started on the house now the temp. is below 100+ F
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Wink's Adventure

Going NUTS at the Richmond Flying Squirrel's Game

Jude's Summer in Virginia

Amanda & Scotty Wedding

Skunk Train Photo Shoot

Jude's Birthday and other recent events in California

May 21, 2010 VCU-MCV School of Pharmacy Class of 2010

May 14, 2010 Reunion to celebrate Ruby's Birthday

May 1, 2010  Austin & Meghan, now Mr. & Mrs.

Home Walking Routes with Maps and Data   Aug. 8, 2010 and May 6

Home Biking Routes with Maps and Data  April 20

Photo Shoot with Train Singer
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Willits Brainstorm Meeting
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Cloverdale, Ca. Fair - video

Flat Stanley goes to San Francisco
( by Ian Thorn )

Santa Rosa Walking Routes with Maps and Data

Santa Rosa Biking Routes with Maps and Data

Trip from Texas to California - crossing the desert
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Christmas 2009 - New Year 1010
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Texas                                         California
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