Yet Another New Claim Oct. 29, 2014

Claim # 3001966132-1    Amy Schroeder   913-827-5440   Farmers Insurance

More scuffs not pictured - on front door.

Yet Another New Damage - December 2011

Click On Image To Enlarge -  Third Estimate for damages. Page 1 and Page 2.

New Damage - Nov. 2011 - Requesting Online Estimate
Cost of Est. $100.00 to be paid using PayPal by car owner.
Est. will be paid to owner of car by the party who damaged it.
It will not be submitted to an insurance company this time.

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See Previous Damage Est. ( below) by John's Body Shop  707-544-8201

New Estimate - Nov. 23, 2011  PDF

Info from Previous Damage

Claim# 1016156373

Contact Jaime To View Car 
707-326-1481 cell
707-575-7104 residence evening, weekends

Contact Owner Curtis 804-691-3496
Claim Number: 1016156373-1
Farmers Insurance Company
Contact 800 435 7764 ext.75508

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Z_page-1-DSC05124.JPG (1015841 bytes) Z_page-2-DSC05125.JPG (852881 bytes)
Estimate page 1 and page 2
John's Body Shop  email  

Z_location_DSC05115.JPG (988496 bytes)
Location of damage - driveway and out at curb. 2484 Creek Meadow Drive

Z_lower_mid_driver_side_DSC05123.JPG (807086 bytes) Z_View_2_DSC05077.JPG (959199 bytes)
Driver Side - two views

Z_1_DSC05116.JPG (624352 bytes) Z_2_3_DSC05117.JPG (569217 bytes) Z_4_5_DSC05118.JPG (518648 bytes) Z_6_7_DSC05119.JPG (538583 bytes)
Lower Driver Side Damage

Z_8_mid_drive_side_DSC05120.JPG (519794 bytes)                   Z_9_mid_rear_left_side_DSC05121.JPG (536108 bytes)
Mid Driver Side Damage and Rear Mid Left Side Damage