Austin Anderson's Surgery
Pectus Excavatum  -  Funnel Chest
This following web pages are provided for general information only.  Progress of Austin's surgery and recovery are for our many family members and friends.
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General Information
Austin's Problem
Pre Exam / Scans / Dr. Nuss
Surgery / Recovery Updates:

 Aug. 1, 2003  The Surgery: Warning: Photos Are Very Graphic
Austin arrived at the hospital at 8am.  Surgery begin at 10am. 
We received frequent telephone calls during surgery with  updates while nearby in the waiting room.
By 1pm we were with Austin in recovery communicating with him. He looked great!
Once moved from recovery to his own  room, he spent the rest of the day sleeping, with frequent wake-up conversations.
Austin talked to two of his friends on the telephone around 9:30pm. that evening.
Everything has gone as planned, actually better than planned.

Aug. 2, 2003  Austin Gets Out Of Bed Today.
Austin still sleeps a lot but finds time to wake, walk and fellowship with friends.

Aug. 3, 2003   Austin is Setting Up And On Solid Food

Aug. 4 & 5, 2003  Routine Recovery
Austin is doing almost everything on his own now, just a little slower and with little or no help.
His medication for pain is being reduced and switched over to oral.
Here is his
x-ray taken at 5:30am 

Aug. 6, 2003  Checking Out, Going Home
Austin is going home today.  Time to say goodbye to everyone.

December 24, 2003  Progress Report -Follow Up Visit
Austin is doing very well.  Tests shows improvement

January 3, 2007 - Bars Removed !
Video interview with Dr. Nuss-Click Here.

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