Austin Anderson's Surgery
Aug. 1, 2003: The Surgery
Pectus Excavatum  -  Funnel Chest
This following web pages are provided for general information and progress updates of Austin's surgery and recovery for our many family members and friends.
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The photos below were taken during Austin's surgery by the hospital staff and were given to us by Dr. Nuss shortly after the operation, probably because I asked so many questions and had a digital camera around my neck at all times.  Little did he realize what I would do with the pictures, then again, maybe he did know.  I have always  strongly believed in sharing knowledge and with the current copyright laws, right to privacy, etc., on and on, this is perhaps the best and quickest way to share with others this most interesting procedure.  Please view these photos and tell others about them, but please leave them on our web site. 
 Copyright   2003   Austin Anderson Family  - All rights reserved 
Any and all comments are my own and not those of Dr. Nuss.  My remarks are what I recall in conversation and can be misleading or wrong.

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A dark color solution is pored into the 'funnel' to aid in the positioning of the bar(s).
 The dark mark(s) are reactions to the medication used during surgery, not bruises or cuts. 

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 Austin needed two bars. The bars are positioned in this way to best plan the incisions.

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 This is the view from Austin's left side incision looking across his chest toward his right side.  The 'funnel' is pressing down on the heart located at the bottom left of the photo ( dark portion of photo )  A rib bone passes overhead.

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 The first bar, now flipped into position, allows the space for the heart to move back where it should be normally.

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 Both bars now in place and the heart is in clear view.

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Finish and clean up.  The end result.  Now to recovery.

Aug. 2

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