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Camping Across America - Death Valley
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100 mile drive during the night to arrive by morning.  I saw only two vehicles coming my way.
Pictured above was one of the two.
I took a 30 min. brake mid-way during the night.  No one passed either direction.
No cellphone coverage so I depended on my Toyota and ham radio gear a lot.

No one drives at night around here.  Only a few campers.  Like having the place to myself.

No one on the road in the background.  Lots of walking.  Parking-no problem.

My car and a few other visitors at a distance.  Got one person to take this picture of me.

Both of us was a welcome sight to see each other after a quiet lonely journey.

This fellow keep his short distance and so did I, but gave me a show for several minutes.
He then just walked off and I slowly drove off both enjoying the moment.

The real shocker was the price of gas in the valley.  But then, if you need it, would be worth it.
I paid $4.04 long before I entered the Park and refilled in NV. for $3.44.  In Santa Rosa I paid $3.72. 
Death Valley's Mosaic Canyon