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Camping Across America - Death Valley's  Mosaic Canyon
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I first started walking this 2.4 mile trail only to see tire marks and realized it could be driven.
Driving up to the end, I got to walk because it was the only way into the canyon.
Better suited for 4X4's.  It took the Corolla (and me) 45 mins. to make the steep bumpy journey.
I recommend an early morning start before the light and heat gets took strong.
As usual, off the path, off season, I have the place to myself.

Camera's self time took the picture of me on the left.

Climbing up was tricky, and on the way down, I just slid on my butt.

Coming back down, I meet this couple headed up. They were wearing down jackets and I had on a V-Neck T.

Going back down was no easier than coming up.  Breaking all the way down. No gas needed.

I never reached the end of the canyon.  You just take in as much as you want.
The drive took me 30 mins. each way and I walked 30 mins. each way.