Williams Family Tree

William A. Williams / Parrish               Helen Medora Williams / Mayes
Note 1                    Anderson             Note 2                       


August Wilhelm Kuhne,  German Name
born in Prussia in 1810.
Later changed his name to Augustus W. Williams.
Sometimes went by the name William A. Williams.
Married twice.  First son also went by both names of the father.
For simplicity,  Father will be listed as Augustus W. Williams
and the first son listed as William A. Williams
First wife was Elisabeth, second wife's name unknown.

Generation 1
Father & Mother 

Augustus W. Williams     born in Prussia in 1810
Elisabeth Martha Stegall      born in N.C., USA
lived in southern Virginia and northern North Carolina 

Generation 2
15 Children

William A. Williams   born in 1839  served in VA unit of Civil War  Note 1
( later Parrish - Anderson) 
Jesse Williams   born in 1842   served in VA unit of Civil War
Christopher Lewis Williams   born in 1844
David Williams   born in 1846
Martha Catharina Williams   born in 1848
Victoria Williams   1851
Joseph Williams   1853
Paul Williams   1854
John Williams   1856
Theodore Jane Williams   1857
Aramenta Williams   1860
Alexander Adams Williams   1861
Virginia J. Williams   1866
Helen Medora Williams   1868
Note 2
( later Mayes - Anderson)
James Madison Williams   1869

Generation 3-5  Mayes / Anderson
Note 2
Helen Medora Williams   1868
 married Charles W. Mayes   1853
1/8 children  Poythress  Mayes married Pearl
Poythress and Pearl had a daughter, Martha.
Martha has a daughter Delores who marries
Curtis Anderson, Jr.
children Eugenia, Jaime, Austin

Generation 3-6   Parrish / Anderson
Note 1
William A. Williams   1839  has a daughter
 Rosa Lee Williams 1883 who marries Epper Parrish
Rosa and Epper has a daughter Laura Parrish  1900
Laura Parrish marries Thomas Banks Anderson
Laura and Thomas Banks Anderson has 8 children
1/8 Curtis Anderson, Sr.
son Curtis Anderson, Jr.
children Eugenia,  Jaime, Austin


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Pearl - Port                     LauraThomas   (dukes)

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Charles Washington Mayes &  Helen McDana Williams

Thomas Banks Anderson

Port & Pearl