Train Singer Greg Schindel

New Photos and  Videos added  10-07-2006.    More photos and videos pending and ongoing.
Most recent updates was 06-14-2009

Photos & videos were taken by Curtis E. Anderson, Jr. on April 15, 2006
Permission is granted to Mr. Greg Schindel to use any photo or video clip on this page unconditionally.
I would like to personally thank Mr. Greg Schindel for the wonderful opportunity to meet and be
entertained while visiting the Skunk Depot and riding the California Western Train.

My next visit out, I plan to shoot a better collection of photos and videos.

-short videos-
Skunk Train     With Music
Train Singer Singing  Train Singer Reciting
Copyright 2001, 2009  All rights reserved.
Copyright 2001, 2009
TRAIN SINGER  All rights reserved.

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Grandkids on 4 Kinds of Trains with music added
from the Train Singer's CD

Video Clip  "Friends and Trains" 
Video using Train Singer's Music for friends back home in Va.

Video Clip  "Full Recording"
 Full Video recording without any editing.

Video Clip  "Introduction-Bunny- Singing"
Grandkids meet Train Singer and the Train Bunny

Video Clip  "Woo-Woo Singing on the Train"
Train Singer Blowing His Whistle, later singing on the Train.

Video Clip  "Singing on the Train"
Train Singer Singing on the Train

Video Clip   "Introduction with bubbles"
Grandkids meet Train Singer

Video Clip   "Woo-Woo"
Train Singer Blowing His Whistle

Permission Granted
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Mount Pleasant Day Care Video
 Available to the parents of the children enrolled in the MPBC Day Care.
Parents desiring a CD of the music used on the DVD are
encouraged to visit the web site of the "Trainsinger".

Please Return Soon !

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