Knowledge Learning Corporation

Web Site  (707) 539-3638

Directions:  Take Rt. 12 East until it ends at Farmers Lane
Left on Farmers Lane ( bus. Rt. 12 ) Bus. Rt. 12 makes a right turn
at F.Hotel - make a right turn and continue on 12 to Mission Blvd.  Turn left on Mission Blvd.
Mission Blvd. ends at Montecito Blvd any you can only turn left of right.
Turn right on Monticito and the Daycare is on the right just past the turn.
Measured 10.0 miles from Piner Apartment.

24 Kids per Age Group ( room ) with 2 Staff per group.

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KLC, Van, and Preschool Rooms that connect.

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4 Yr. Old Room and Outside Playground

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School Age Facility Outside

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Inside School Age Facility

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One Area Apartments