Veterans Day Tribute

If any of you would
like to submit pictures to add to that slide show, please e-mail them
(if possible) to Luann Hailey Wednesday, Oct 31.   

When you submit the picture, please include the following information:

1. The SFE student's name and grade level  Asher Thorn - 1st Grade
2. The relationship of the person in the picture to the SFE student
3. The branch of service, the time served, and a job description if you
know it...if not, that is fine

Click to enlarge each picture, Left click to save as...:

4-PS0003.jpg (60342 bytes)scan032clip1.jpeg (35981 bytes)1PS0000.jpg (45914 bytes)2PS0001.jpg (49875 bytes)3=PS0002.jpg (64722 bytes)curtis_sr.jpeg (25906 bytes)DSC03649.JPG (2306183 bytes)
Curtis E. Anderson, Sr.  - great grandfather to Asher Thorn in 1st grade.  SGT US Air Force WW2 1944-1945.  Born in 1923 and died in 2000. 


DSC03644.JPG (69160 bytes)DSC03647.JPG (197181 bytes)DSC03643.JPG (147895 bytes)apd-1.jpg (44006 bytes)DSC03648.JPG (2303938 bytes)
Archie Powell Daughtry - great grandfather to Asher Thorn in 1st grade  CPL US ARMY WW2  1941- 1945 - Reenlist in reserves with twin brother Theodore. Born 1919 and died in 2006.

soldier-dukes.jpeg (68832 bytes)DSC03650.JPG (2170399 bytes)DSC03651.JPG (2332431 bytes)
William C. Anderson - great uncle to Asher Thorn in 1st grade - 31 INF 7 INF DIV KOREA 1951 - KILLED IN ACTION AT AGE 22