TORO - 2022 TimeCutter
Model 75742 708ccEngine  
Oil Change - What I Do

First Oil Change - Plastic Housing Breaks - No Problem
Cut-off one inch of the hose to remove the plastic hose holder. 

I use a home made hose extension set -up to keep things clean.

Filter Drip Pan

To cap off the hose end because the plastic keeper  breaks,
I insert a 3/8 inch 2 inch bolt and nut to keep dirt out.
There is little to no pressure or vacuum on the line
when the engine is running. 

The first oil change in 5 hours of usage
removes the break-in non-detergent oil.

I use the Toro Recommended oil on the first change.
It is blue in color.

Break-In Oil - out in 3-5 Hours
Toro Recommended Oil - During Spring Cool Weather
Once Mid-Summer Arrives - I Will Only
Use 30W Non-Synthetic Detriment Oil
Thereafter and change it each fall.

Oil Change - What I Do
I live in the Virginia.
I have used Toro TimeCutters
for Twenty Years
I am on Mower #6.
I traded in movers #1 & #2
for #5 & #6.
I cut a lot of  grass !

No Engine Issuers

Use Good GAS