Telegraph Communication
During the Civil War

From the front lines of battles to families back home,
the telegraph was the backbone of communication
handling supply lines, orders to generals, including
planned battle strategies along with results of the day.

Cipher-coded messages translated for transmission
over two wires became recorded documents of great interest
to historians and educators alike.

Curtis Anderson will be speaking on the roll the telegraph
played during the Civil War.

Curtis Anderson is a resident of Colonial Heights, retired from Verizon Communications
with 40 years of service, who now gives tours for the Virginia Telephone Museum in Richmond
and The Petersburg Museum of Technology on Sycamore Street.   Curtis recently spoke at the
Verizon Wireless headquarters in New Jersey during Legacy of Innovation Day.
Curtis is a licensed ham radio operator and a Commercial FCC Telegraph License holder.

Petersburg Museum of Technology

Legacy of Innovation Day,  Basking Ridge, N.J.