Main Street Station in Richmond, Va.

Overcast day, with little to no blue sky, therefore little to no shadows or shade..
I just happened to be in Richmond this day.
I tried to get a feel for the best view and angle, etc. on this day.
I can keep trying until the perfect sky day comes.
That would be a kind of  stormy day with moving sky clouds.
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Today was a perfect blue sky day but no clouds.
With no clouds, there are shadows and shade, but not bad.
You need to select your image and about what size you want the image.
I can still wait for the perfect stormy day and get the blue sky, white clouds, and no shadows.
( so may choices )
These pictures could be post cards!   I used my old 2001 digital camera.
They will enlarge very well.  (  up to 24"x36"   ie.  2x3 feet )
They can be cropped to reduce the amount of sky showing and center the image.

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