Master Bath Damage
Monday July 12, 2010
The family was out of town Friday-Sunday during extreme hot weather.
Returning Sunday night the inside house temp. was 85 deg. F. at 11pm.when the AC was turned on.
Our cleaning lady cleaned the bathroom Monday July 12 and there was no ceiling damage observed.
Monday evening after taking showers, the ceiling showed dampness and the toilet was unstable.
The attic was inspected even though it has not rained for some time.  Nothing was found.
The toilet was inspected and the floor has cracked and separated.
An inspection under the house was done and there was water on top of the plastic-(complete under house covering years ago)
Shower was turned on and water was observed poring onto the ground.
This water was not observed when a plumber replaced a tube drain pipe blocked by a child's toy on weeks earlier.
My personal assessment is a combination of hot weather and a small undetectable water leak combined with
normal house settlement cracked suddenly forcing water to escape rapidly under the floor and the hot
weather caused the water to condense up the side walls to the ceiling tile board.

claim# 4814-46d-625-302-7109x2448273y8887362713 treason patterson SF

City Point Services 919-3407 Mike Jacobs

Insured my cars with State Farm in 1989.  Insured my house with State Farm in 1992.
A previous water damage claim was handled by State Farm in 1995 which added to additional house settlement thereafter.

On Thursday August 5, 2010 at 1:15am I contacted the city police to report a water main breakage in front of my house.
The crewe reported they had two additional breaks to repair due to the hot dry weather.
On Father's day we also experienced a water main breakage just down the road. 

Walter Supply and Drain System

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Shower Floor and Toilet Floor Above

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Shower Underside
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Floor Jacks installed - Master Toilet Underside