Compare Sony DSC-707 and the NEX-3 Zoom

About 40mm                                                        About 185mm          

max zoom cropped
8-DSC05493.JPG (158529 bytes) 8-DSC05494.JPG (127263 bytes)
size 8
DSC05493.JPG (2273378 bytes) DSC05494.JPG (2112018 bytes)
original 5mp image

NEX-3 18mm-55mm

18mm=27mm                                                              28mm =42mm      

                                   35mm=52mm                                                                     55mm=82mm                                

max zoom cropped
8-DSC00282.JPG (247027 bytes) 8-DSC00283.JPG (241612 bytes) 8-DSC00284.JPG (240358 bytes) 8-DSC00285.JPG (210669 bytes)
size 8
pi-DSC00282.JPG (3422238 bytes) pi-DSC00283.JPG (3394245 bytes) pi-DSC00284.JPG (3247662 bytes) pi-DSC00284.JPG (3247662 bytes)
original 6mb 14mp  picture-it jpg   now  3mb  14mp

Canon FD 35-105mm 1:35

35mm=52mm                                                                                  50mm=75mm

70mm=105mm                                                                                 105mm=157mm

max zoom cropped ( 105mm 14mp )
8-DSC00286.JPG (187745 bytes) 8-DSC00287.JPG (171802 bytes) 8-DSC00288.JPG (166169 bytes) 8-DSC00289.JPG (158937 bytes)
size 8
pi-DSC00286.JPG (2201496 bytes) pi-DSC00287.JPG (2043158 bytes) pi-DSC00288.JPG (1971604 bytes) pi-DSC00289.JPG (1910157 bytes)
original 4mb 14mp  picture-it jpg   now  2mb  14mp

end of test conclusion
Canon and the 14mp outperforms the 707 on cropped zoom
provides better color over the 18mm-55mm lens and also saves memory space.