The Oregon Trail Camping Road Trip
November 2021
Landmarks  -  "Mile Markers"
The Best - 200 Miles in mid Nebraska
I Call This Section of the Oregon Trail
"The Hard Knock Hard Rock Road"

Courthouse and Jail Rock

Chimney Rock

Off the Interstate - The Oregon Trail gets REAL.
The View starts out with river water on the right,
and flat ground on the left, headed West.
The Pioneers followed the Missouri until it turned North.
The Wagon Trail followed many other westward rivers,
creeks, and streams until the flat and rolling 
ground became hills, then mountains.
Route 26 from Ogallala Nebraska the next 200
miles has so well been preserved, documented,
and photographed,  no other section of the trail
can match the trail story in full view today.
I call this the "Hard Knock Hard Rock Road".



Chimney Rock



Scotts Bluff