The Oregon Trail Road Trip
October - November 2021
Family Visit - Highlights
Halloween Week in Oklahoma
Veterans Day Week  in Oregon
Thanksgiving Week  in Texas
Home for Christmas

Oregon Trail Route begin Here

Independence Square - Independence Courthouse

Jackson County  - Independence Missouri

Land Mark Sketches Guided the Pioneers Path
Starting from Independence Missouri

Natural Landscape Features (mile markers)
Indicated  Route and Travelers Progress

Some Remote Locations Required Rudimentary Camping
Devil's Gate - Wyoming

Limited or Full Camping Services may not always be Available

Covered Wagon -vs- Modern Covered Wagon

Many Key Locations Required Route Adjustments

Remote Areas  -  A Campers Delight

Oregon Trail Sections - Still Visible if you can find Them

Several Crossings of The Blue Mountains
Picture Here - Crossing into Walla Walla Washington

Oregon - The Beaver State
Released from (Gift Store) Captivity by Family
To Return Back into the Wild for the Trip Back Home


Red Line - Route to Oregon including The Oregon Trail
Black Line - Return Route Back Home by way of Houston.

Delores was dropped off in Oklahoma to head to Texas with Genia.
She returned home with me after my Oregon Trail trip to visit Astraea.
Halloween in Oklahoma, Veterans Day in Oregon
Thanksgiving in Texas
Home for Christmas

Truman House Tour in Independence Missouri

Trip Highlights Here
Trip Details will Follow Later