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Hodgkin-Lymphoma Stage IIIA

Sep. 2019    Heart CT Scan  - 09-27-2019 @ JW

Nov. 2019   Lungs CT Scan  -  11-01-1019 @JR_HW

Dec. 2019   Lymph  PET/CT Scan  -  12-11-2019 @ JW_HW

Dec. 2019  X-Ray of Stomach  0 12030-2019  P.1st

Jan. 2020   Biopsy Of Lymph Node - 01-02-2020  @ St.F

Jan. 2020  Biopsy Of Hip Bone Marrow

Jan. 2020  IV Port Surgery

Feb. 2020  Infusion Treatments 


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Four Infusions, one per week.
All four weeks of February, 2020
NOTE COVID-19 Outbreak and Lockdown
Mid March 2020

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4/2/2020  -  9/23/2020
(Treatment Working)

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Diagnosed in October, 2018 - Malignant Melanoma Skin Cancer
Diagnosed in January 2020 - Lymphoma Blood Cancer

I have been diagnosed, and now being treated for NLPHL.

At age 72, I am currently not on any medications.
I have no symptoms of anything.
I average two head colds a year, while my last flu
dates back to 1980.
I never take any over-the-counter medications.
I have had five hernia surgeries 2001-2016.


Background:  Back in 2018 on a routine visit,
melanoma skin cancer was first diagnosed.
It was surgically removed, then later
determined to be of no future threat.
Why?  It was surgically removed before spreading.
That is, early detection and treatment of
melanoma cancer - Stage 1 in 2018.

A large area of skin around the cancer spot, including the
cancer spot was removed.


In 2019, after requesting a heart CT scan
for the purpose of detecting any early heart disease.
The heart was fine, but this showed up !
Blood Cancer - NLPHL - Stage 3

Rituximab  ( Rituxan )

This modern day drug was recommended.

This will slow the cancer with no long term affects.
Chemo Treatments may be required, or recommended
years from now, allowing long term affects
 to be delayed and or not needed at all.

Interesting Note:  Believed to be genetic related.

My sister Laura was treated for lymphoma 9 years ago.
My father was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1950
and lived with the disease most of  his adult life.
This drug was approved in 1997, too late for my fathers care.
It is now recommended for NLPHL

Because of having a case of melanoma cancer in back 2018,
it was feared that melanoma cancer had spread into my lymph nodes
and bone marrow and other organs.  It was nowhere to be found.
This was a new and different cancer only found in three lymph nodes.

My second serious close call to fatal Cancer in two years.

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Heart Test

 Diagnostic Results

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   Body_PT_(CT)_Scan         Pre-Treatment CT Scan

Pre / Post  Reports

Body_PT (CT)_Scan_Report
(Pre Infusion)
January 29, 2020


Four Infusions, one per week, all four weeks of February, 2020


(Post Infusion)
April 1, 2020

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#2- Body_PT_(CT)_Scan
(Post Infusion)
Sep. 23, 2020

Knee effusion, or water on the knee, occurs when excess fluid accumulates

 in or around the knee joint. There are many common causes for the swelling,

 including arthritis and injury to the ligaments or meniscus (cartilage in the knee).


UK Lymphoma Action       Notes


UK Rituximab Action Treatment      Notes

One Year (2020) Overview



After Heart & Lung Scans - Dr. D
Before Lymph Bio. Surgery - Dr. G



2021 SCANS

NOTE:  PET Scans - Radioactive Nuclear IV
CT - A Radiation Scan w/wo Solutions
PET/CT Scan - Both

ie: no cancer, no tumor, 1 growing lymph near an artery

2022 SCANS

NOTE:  PET Scans - Radioactive Nuclear IV
CT - A Radiation Scan w/wo Solutions
PET/CT Scan - Both


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Video Images  - mp4 Format


2023  CT SCAN  -  8-22-2023

(Last CT 01-30-2020 @JR-HW)
(First PT 04-02-2020 @ JR-HW)
(Last PT 05-18-2022 @JR-HW)

2023  CT SCAN  RESULTS -  8-22-2023







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